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Natural Health Services

Natural Health Services

AKA Your body will thank you later!

So what we do is this.

We help people get healthier and feel better, naturally.

Translation: No chemicals. No risk. No hundred dollar pharmacy bills. (Ick.)

We marvel at the body’s ability to heal itself when supported properly.

And by marvel? We mean celebrate.


Because when you’re body is functioning at 100% instead of, oh, say, 68? Everything changes.


We help people regain confidence through aesthetic treatments like the SonoLift which uses homeopathy and ultrasound to stimulate collagen production, resulting in a natural face lift.


We like collagen. And so does your complexion. ;)

We watch in awe as people report improvement with:

• allergies
• asthma
• chronic infections
• fatigue
• hormone imbalance
• depression
• learning and behavior issues
• digestive complaints
• and a host of other health problems.

We don’t shy away from buddying up with other medical care you may be receiving, believing that medicine and naturopathy can play well together.

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