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Frequently Pondered Questions

How long does it take to get healthier?
This is kind of a trick question, since your results can often depend on your willingness to improve your nutrition, sleep, water intake and exercise. But, generally speaking, most people start to experience some level of relief within the first month. If you'd like to get a better idea, come in for the free consultation and we can get more details about your specific situation and give you an idea of what it would take to reach your goals.


Can you help my _____ condition?
The way Naturopathy works is that it doesn't treat conditions or a diagnosis. We don't look for or diagnose disease, instead we look for stress to your body's organs and systems. The best part? When you support the healthy function of your body, your health conditions "magically" improve. Yes, magically. But it's not because we specifically treated that condition, but because we found what was out of balance and worked to restore that balance. Come in for a consultation and let's dig into your situation. You'll get a new insight on looking at your health (psst: just ask these guys)

Does insurance cover my care?
Unfortunately not. We don’t technically provide medical care, and your insurance is for purely medical treatments. But wait! Many Flexable Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts will cover your care, as long as no diagnosis code is required.


How often do I need to come in for care?
For general health improvement, you come once a month for 3-4 visits. After that, we space out the visits to once every 3 or 6 months until you reach your goals. Yay, goals! (ps, if you aren’t ready for that kind of commitment, check out our “Find Your Energy” program.)

Does the Ion Cleanse really work? What does it feel like?
Short answer: absolutely!
Long answer: we’ve offered the Ion Cleanse for the last 7 years and our clients report amazing improvements. Some real life examples: One of our clients was fighting a cold and the Ion Cleanse got rid of her congestion, making her heal faster. Another woman came in with a sprained ankle and did the cleanse on her ‘good foot,’ and after about 30 minutes, the severely bruised ankle’s color returned to almost normal. Another woman came in because her asthma had kicked in after receiving anesthesia for a routine colorectal exam. The Ion Cleanse allowed her breathing to return to normal. Generally speaking, countless people report improvements in energy levels and general well-being. We maximize the results of our cleanses with the use of homeopathic support, techniques to improve circulation before the treatment and mineral supplementation after the treatment.

How does the SonoLift work?
One thing that sets Natural Health Solutions apart is that we can take a good treatment and enhance it with what we know about homeopathy and nutrition. The SonoLift works by stimulating circulation and collagen production, which causes the lifting and improvement in skin quality--naturally. Because ultrasound can be used to drive therapeutic agents into the tissue, we use homeopathic serums on the face before administering the ultrasound. These serums are specifically designed to help collagen production, so the our results are equal to and often better than what you get at a medical spa. And our treatments cost hundreds less, which is always a nice perk. Pun intended.

Will I get a bag full of pricey supplements to take?
We abide by a “less is more” philosophy. Most people get 1 or 2 homeopathic remedies and 1-3 supplements to take. We suggest lifestyle improvements at a pace you can handle, so that you get a program that will not only help you, but that you can stick with.

Do the laser allergy relief treatments and SonoLift treatments hurt?
Absolutely not! Our allergy relief laser has the same strength as a laser pointer (it’s simply aimed at certain acupuncture points.) And our SonoLift ‘heat’ feels like a gentle warmth at most.

What's your cancellation policy?
Like most offices, we require a 48 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee.