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Understanding how to detoxify your body

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For a more in-depth discussion of this topic you can watch my Facebook livestream here.

Today I'm going to talk with you about the importance of detoxification. Many of you don't know my story with battling cancer, and it perfectly illustrates today's subject.

My story

At age 26 I was a health club manager, ate a good diet, supplemented with important vitamins, and was expecting my second child. As a part of my job, I taught exercise classes 2-3 times a day and was very fit. Imagine my heartbreak when I was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer early in my 5th month of pregnancy. It was a cancer of the placenta, and because the tumors produced pregnancy hormone, no one realized that the baby had long since perished. I found myself faced with the loss of a child, minor surgery and 4 months of intensive chemotherapy treatments. I just couldn't wrap my head around how this had happened to me, at my young age and with my excellent lifestyle. This question plagued me for years and made me always a bit nervous..... could it come back?

Here I am, 7 months before the cancer began, not knowing I was vulnerable

My answers

I got my answer to this dilemma in 1990 when I went to work with a naturopath and had my eyes opened to the subject of toxicity. I was like so many people who just don't realize that the everyday chemicals in our environment can build up in our bodies and make us vulnerable to an illness like cancer. I saw so many patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes, lupus, cancer, fibromyalgia (and many more) go through a naturopathic program of cleansing and rebuilding their bodies and get well. When I looked at my own history, I saw the huge amounts of toxic exposures I had had, and it made sense to me why I could develop cancer in my body.

Detoxification options

There are 3 main categories of detoxification.

Daily habits This is where drinking enough pure water, being sure your bowels are moving regularly, and minimizing the toxins you put into your body (through food chemicals and environmental chemicals) comes in. The less you let into your body, the better! And the little things you do every day make a huge impact on your health, for better or worse.

Gentle detox This is where you give your body a bit of extra support to excrete stored toxins. Ways to gently detox include dry brushing your skin daily, soaking in a warm bath with a cup of Epsom salt once a week, intermittent fasting (reducing your eating window to 8-10 hours each day), and sweating a few times a week in a sauna or a hot yoga class.

Heavier detox I recommend being under the care of a competent naturopath or well trained chiropractor for this one. Heavier detox methods include things like Ion Cleanse food baths, herbal parasite cleanses, longer fasts, hyperbaric oxygen treatments or colon cleansing. Not every method is appropriate for every person or even in every phase in a treatment plan, which is why a professional should be working with you for these.

It's SO important to "unstick" your body to detox properly

Many people are in a situation where their body is stuck in unhealthy patterns. When I work with people 1 on 1, I guide them through the steps to unstick, or reboot their body. But not everyone can work with me 1 on 1. I'm delighted to announce that I am releasing my new eBook today to help EVERYONE break unhealthy patterns in their body and open the door to true healing.

The 3 Week Reboot

The eBook is called The 3 Week Reboot, and is a do it yourself home treatment plan. It doesn't just tell you what to do, it educates you about why each step is there. Knowledge really is power, and I want to help you to understand how to be healthier the rest of your life. The price of the eBook is $37, and the information you get is what I charge hundreds of dollars for in my clinic, 1 on 1. To purchase, email elizabeth@nature-heals.com or andrea@nature-heals.com with your phone number, or call our office at 770-817-8028.

My mission is to be a driving force to change our country from sick care to true health care. Thank you for sharing with your friends and family, and for all your support!



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