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Simple Stress Relief

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It's been an interesting few months! I've been watching the unfolding of greater amounts of electromagnetic radiation in our environment and more people seeming "addicted" to their phones than ever before. I've pondered how to help my clients, friends & family (and myself!) to compensate for these influences and stay healthy. The profession of being a naturopath and my career in the health industry have always been a spiritual walk for me. The philosophy of naturopathy even recognizes that we are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and that the spiritual aspect is the most profound. I've been asking myself, what can I do about these new electronic influences that make us less connected to each other and the beauty of life around us?

First I got concerned.

As I've watched 5G wireless come into our area, the "internet of things" creeping into my client's homes (wireless thermostats, appliances, etc), how addicted people of all ages are becoming to their phones and other screens, and now the upcoming release of diapers that a wireless device attaches to and pings the baby's groin area periodically to sense how wet the diaper is...... well, I admit it's been disconcerting.

But then I remembered.....

The spiritual aspect of our existence IS the most fundamental and important, and the simple healing tools that also resonate spiritually are the most powerful. The little habits we do daily have a huge impact on our health, for better or worse. So as the increase in WiFi pulls at our vital energy, these habits become more important to replenish ourselves. Here are some of the ones I've seen make the biggest positive impact on people.

Recognize there is life in your food. Food that's organic and as fresh as possible gives vitality to your body.

Being out in nature is grounding and also increases your vital energy.

Social times are so important! Enjoying a meal together or getting out and away from your screens is beautiful!

Aesthetics in any form also lift us up and relieve stress.

This means music, art, nature, color..... anything that makes you smile should be peppered throughout your day. Use them purposefully in your environment. And as you go through your day, look around and direct your attention to the beauty around you.

Not to mention the sweetness & innocence of children!

These are a couple of scenes I observed that made me smile, and I watched most people be oblivious to them. You have to actually look to find them, and it's worth it! My wish for you is that you can stay more connected to the life around you than screens.... that you not get caught up in the latest wireless gadgets & appliances.

And I would absolutely love it if you would send me some pics of what makes you smile and brings you "out of your head" and into the present moment. :)

Much love, Deb

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