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What is a retrovirus and should you be concerned?

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I want you to be aware, so you don't have to be concerned. Retroviruses are behind many chronic inflammatory conditions and even some cancers. I will help you to understand what they are and how to be sure they don't compromise your immune system!

Your science lesson for the day

You probably remember studying RNA and DNA in school, but I'm guessing you might need a refresher. (Bear with me, this is important to viruses and retroviruses.) Both are genetic material but there are important differences:

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid because it contains a sugar called deoxyribose.

RNA stands for ribonucleic acid because it contains a sugar called ribose.

DNA is a double strand form

RNA is a single strand form

This is a drawing of DNA. RNA would look like just the red or blue half.

DNA stores and transfers your genetic material, which determines the structures and characteristics of your body.

RNA handles amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and directs creation of proteins.

How this relates to viruses

All viruses and retroviruses do not have the ability to duplicate themselves on their own. They hijack some of your cells and use them to duplicate and spread through your body, which can make you ill. We are born with both types in our bodies and we can acquire additional viruses as we go through life.

A regular virus is DNA based. True, it takes over cells and replicates, but it does not make changes to your own DNA.

A retrovirus is RNA based and has a special enzyme that allows it to create its own DNA and, most importantly, integrate into the DNA of the host. Retroviruses mutate more easily and they replicate more easily. As I mentioned before, they lower your immune system and play a major role in inflammatory illnesses and certain cancers, like leukemia.

How do viruses & retroviruses become activated?

Unfortunately, our modern environment has been worsening with regards to the main triggers for viruses and retroviruses. The first is electromagnetic exposures- Wifi, cell towers, phone radiation, computers, etc, etc. The newest personal exposure devices are Fitbits and Apple watches- they ping your body directly and continuously. Another major trigger is glyphosate, which is in Roundup and appears in all grains and in non-organic foods, not to mention our lawns and public parks and ball fields. These two elements alone are believed by most holistic practitioners, including myself, to be a major factor in the increase of all chronic illness in the last 2 decades.

How can you protect yourself?

Cistus incanus tea, a simple tea which can easily be found online, is a major help in protecting from viruses. Organic, whole leaf stevia is another big help, and you can use the two together. For a preventive action, drink 2-3 cups a day. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, inflammation or cancer, drink 6 cups a day.

Broccoli sprouts also offer protection and can be easily added to smoothies or salads. Finally, Chinese Skullcap and St John's Wort have also demonstrated protective properties. These should not be taken by anyone who is on Rx medication for depression, however, so check with your pharmacist for possible interactions with medications.

For a deeper dive, look at the Virus & Retrovirus Summit

This summit has ended, but can be purchased for $59 to view online only, or $99 for online plus a flash drive. Here is the link to check it out... be sure to scroll down to view all of the speakers. This is seriously a ridiculous value.

You just have to promise me one thing- don't let it make you frightened, because there is MUCH you can do to help yourself. In addition to the bad news about these viruses, the speakers in this summit will be dropping clinical pearls that you can easily incorporate.

Plus, I am always here to help you.

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